Importance of Being…Earnest?

HOLD ON TO YOUR HANDBAGS and hone your Wildean wit, The Importance of Being… Earnest? is a brand new INTERACTIVE show inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic.

Prepare to express your inner Lady Bracknell, because this production is hanging on by a thread and we’re going to need YOU to jump in and save the show.

If you’ve ever sat through a show and thought ‘I could do better’, NOW is the time to get involved and help make theatre history.

There are no dates announced for The Importance of Being...Earnest? just yet, but perhaps we can interest you in some cucumber or tuna?


Easel Peasel is an interactive experience which focuses on drawing the artist out of everybody. Accessible and engaging for the whole family, Easel Peasel will surprise you and delight you with the opportunity to express your inner Picasso! Your masterpieces will then be entered into the Easel Peasel exhibition with the chance to win a prize.

Easel Peasel can be found touring the UK summer festival scene, but we can also be spotted in certain, very special events. If you’d like Easel Peasel to come and create an exhibition at your event, get in touch!



Using an unexpected, hilarious and inclusive approach, we encourage and inspire creative expression in everybody. Our work is created through interaction, collaboration and having as much fun as possible.

Our entire theatre-making process is open to everybody. All of our rehearsals, meetings and get-ins are free to observe, so if you want to see how we work and get involved yourself, just shoot us an email and we’ll bring you in!

We love coffee (who doesn’t?). If you’d like to ask us something, get or offer some advice or just hang out, one of our team will happily meet with you for a chat.


*All headshots have been created by our audiences at Nozstock Festival, 2019.

Simon Paris

Company Member

I saw the band, The Amazing Devil’s play at The Bunker Theatre in London. We got chatting after the show and one of the singers recommended I get in touch with Oskar McCarthy, the theatre programmer at Nozstock Festival. After a pint in Vaulty Towers, Waterloo, it was agreed that I would assemble a team and create a new interactive production to perform at Nozstock Festival the very same summer!


Guido Garcia Lueches

Company Member

I’ve been collaborating with Simon since 2015, when he interviewed me in a pub in Hendon for a production of Scarborough. I then met Rhys while developing a new show; Lottery in 2016 which premiered at The Pleasance Theatre, Islington. Susan and I also collaborated on a Chilean play in 2017.


Trynity Silk

Company Member

I met Louise when I moved to London, we became housemates (in a BOXING GYM!) where we bonded over our love of small dogs.

I then got involved with The Lab Workshops during the Devising and Comedy sessions where I met the majority of the people involved in the company including, Guido, Susan, Ben, Rhys and Josh. I was invited to be a part of forming Say It Again, Sorry?’s new show in 2018 and here we are!

It's felt like a serendipitous journey, the right minds and personalities have found each other and created a home for our creative spirits.


Susan Hoffman

Company Member

I met Rhys in 2016 after a show I was in, playing a gravedigger. I met Simon then too and found out he had been referring to me as, ‘The Gravedigger’ since then. Guido was the lighting designer on said show, as yes, he is one very multi-talented human.


Josh King

Company Member

My first encounter with the group was working Front of House with Rhys. This led to an introduction to The Lab Workshops. After writing some short scenes for them, and meeting Louise, Trynity, Jacinta and Susan along the way, some short plays were put on together, some ideas thrown around, and eventually, I was asked to join Say It Again, Sorry? to work on the script for The Importance of Being... Earnest?

I’m also the understudy for Bracknell, although I have my fingers crossed to never be called upon to take on that role.

Ben Mann

Company Member

I’ve known Simon for a few years but it wasn’t until The Lab Workshops where we collaborated both as myself and with my film company Mann Bros. Media. Through this initiative I met most of the rest of the fold and was part of the first Easel Peasel festival tour in 2018.


Rhys Tees

Company Member

My first connection to the team was at a karaoke night in Hendon. Guido, Simon and I then connected through working on Lottery at The Pleasance Theatre in 2016.

During a good year of working/partying with this pair I also met Susan, Ben and Louise all of whom I'd had very good banter with. Next I met Josh whilst working front of house who I then (after I'd read some his awesome work) introduced to The Lab workshops where almost everyone else was including the lovely Trynity who I had also recently met.

Earlier this year I had worked on NewsRevue with both Simon and a fantastically funny human named Tom who shortly also joined SIAS along with Meg, Jack, Bettina and Jacinta, another bunch of super talented humans. Now we are a big old happy lovely family and I've clearly written too much so I'm going to stop gushing now. (BIGLOVE)


Louise Goodfield

Company Member

I got involved with Say It Again, Sorry? when it was a newborn baby, not yet named.

Simon, Rhys, Guido and I met up over a coffee and came up with our debut festival show - Easel Peasel! Friendship’s blossomed and creative ambitions were shared as a result of The Lab Workshops. I then invited Trynity and a few others to come on board to develop Earnest!


Tom Cray

Associate Company Member

Following a gruelling five minutes of poor singing and abstract impressions I was cast in NewsRevue, under the beautiful and stoic direction of Simon. Here, I got the pleasure of performing alongside the mega talented Rhys Tees.

At the end, they both told me about this other project they had started and invited me to read in as a character called Simon. I was confused, and a bit concerned, but agreed and since then have been rolling deep with SIAS? crew.


Jack Lowerson

Associate Company Member

I was working as a photographer at The Design Museum when I met Louise. That same night I’m sat with her and Trynity at the Canal Café Theatre watching Rhys Tees and Tom Cray in a loving embrace dressed as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. A month later, we are re-acquainted. I observe the tentative beginnings of a new show Simon is directing. It’s called The Importance of Being…Earnest? I think? There are new faces here – a writer busily typing up notes. A filmmaker in a bandana changing his lens. A beaming thespian who greets me confidently. I would soon know them all as fellow company members of Say it Again, Sorry? A dark night in a bar in King’s Cross. Simon, Louise and I having what I would now describe as a working pint. SIMON: We need a designer… so, do you wanna do it?

Jacinta Maud

Associate Company Member

I met Louise in 2013 when we trained at The Bridge Theatre Training Company together. A few years later she was part of the team behind The Lab Workshops and I was delighted when she asked me to help out on set. That’s where I met this wonderful group of people and how I got involved in Say It Again, Sorry?’s wonderfully entertaining production of The Importance of Being… Earnest?.



Say it Again, Sorry? was created because a group of friends who happened to be artists wanted to go and play at some festivals for free. We met up over a coffee to share ideas for a fun show - something that would be fun for us and, of course, fun for an audience. We realised that not only did we enjoy each other’s company a ridiculous amount, we also felt inspired. Thus, Easel Peasel was born. After a hilarious time performing and capturing the wonderfully bizarre characters of Easel Peasel on film, Say It Again, Sorry? were invited to perform at NozStock: The Hidden Valley Festival and Wilderness Festival in 2018 and Glastonbury Festival 2019.

Things started to get a bit bloody exciting. NozStock loved our fantastic troupe so much that we were invited back to create a bigger and more fabulous show for Nozstock Festival 2019. We went back to the drawing board and after some hours of firing ideas around and drinking coffee, our next venture, The Importance of Being... Earnest? was born, an interactive extravaganza where audience members are faced with an unexpected and hilarious opportunity to tread the boards and release their inner Lady Bracknell.

Now with two shows under our belt - we needed a name. True to our company’s aims, we let the audience decide! We happened upon an event called Special Guest where anyone can take centre stage and express themselves creatively in whatever form they wished for exactly one minute. The winning name chosen by the audience was... SAY IT AGAIN, SORRY? (a close second being ‘The Sorry Theatre Company’ which we are relieved to say, we won’t be calling ourselves!)

Our London preview in the main space of The Pleasance, Islington was a huge success, with the audience enthusiastically taking to the stage to save Wilde’s classic from being halted by a constant flow of disappearing actors.



Co-working space, offices and events room all located on two floors above the cafe space. Hot desks at £100pm, £125pm, full-time desks at £175pm. If you have any questions please contact

Blighty, 266 High Road,
Tottenham, London, N15 4AJ


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